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Ju Royalty Childcare Llc - a place for children to grow, learn and play. Your children deserve nothing but the best, so bring them here for an inviting environment that encourages curiosity and fun.

Play. Learn. Grow. 

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Our infant room  is designed for babies to  feel safe thus acquiring trust from the people around them. Child care professionals assigned in Ju Royalty Childcare llc  provide an enthusiasm learning environment through play. 

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Our Passionate childcare professionals initiate and facilitate games that will intrigue the young minds of the little learners. We provide children with age appropriate activities, with monthly themes kids enjoy through crafts, songs and daily activities focused on numbers, letters and math. 

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Pre-K Children will work on hands on activities, the interactive material will allow the children and the care to experiment and explore their surroundings. The interactive activity kits encourage and guide the development of large and fine motor skills, as well as introducing, music, language, art, cognitive, and other social/emotional experiences 

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Our Approach

At Ju Royalty Childcare Llc, Our mission consists of providing a warm and nurturing environment where children feel safe. Our unique Childcare Center offers various activities that are specifically designed to encourage each child’s growth. Through cooperative play and creative activities, kids reach their social, emotional and physical milestones naturally and with ease.

What Parents Think

“Ju Royalty Childcare has exceeded my expectations time and time again. We have been sending our children here for years; The curriculum is solid, the provider is knowledgeable, and its evident that they love what they do."

Megan H.